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23 November 2016

Texas Court blocks the $47,476 Overtime ruling

The Obama Administration made changes to the overtime rulings under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The change increased the…


11 October 2016

A very real possibility for UK and European staffing businesses

It’s time to break the trend which is stifling global expansion of the UK and European staffing industry. In the…


26 July 2016

4 key points to be aware of when engaging a US worker from abroad

We are often approached by companies asking ‘How do I place an employee or contractor in the US?”, or ‘How…


15 June 2016

The Danger of Day Rates

Paying $682,000.00 settlement for not understanding daily rates & overtime law is a steep cost for an employer. A recent…


21 May 2016

FLSA Changes to Exempt and Overtime Rules

On May 18th, 2016, the Department of Labor finally issued the anticipated rule regarding overtime for exempt employees. The DOL…


14 March 2016

Canadian Employment and Its Subtle Challenges

When it comes to employing people in Canada there are several key differences between the UK and the US.  Overtime,…


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